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  1. Baby Travel Pack
    Baby Travel Pack
    Now you can get all of our most-popular and essential baby products in convenient travel sizes. These are suitable for carry-on luggage, for when bub is on the MOOve!
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  2. Dry Skin Rescue Pack
    Dry Skin Rescue Pack
    All of our favourite and most-popular products to help combat dry, flaky, thirsty skin.
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  3. Serum Testing Pack
    Serum Testing Pack
    We get a lot of questions from customers about which oil or serum will suit their skin. All of our oils and serums are suitable for all skin types so it comes down to individual skin concerns and pers...
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  4. Mum & Baby Starter Kit
    Mum & Baby Starter Kit
    A great starter kit! Filled with all of the products you need for Mum and Baby. Also a perfect gift for new mums containing everything they need to care for their baby’s skin, and their own.
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  5. Fernando
    Fernando (Wheat bag) has joined the herd here at MooGoo and is looking for a new home. He is a heatable wheat bag cow, perfect for getting kids off to sleep or to use on an aching body. The heat insid...
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  6. Mama Moo
    Mama Moo
    Do you ever just want a big cuddle?
    We now have our ever-so cuddly Mama Moo. She is a whole lot of love and will put a smile on your face. Like any good mum, she is always ready for a...
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  7. Daisy the Cow
    Daisy the Cow
    Meet your new favourite cuddly toy! We call her Daisy, but we’re sure you’ll come up with a much more creative name! Despite being a fully grown cow, her fur remains soft and smooth (wonder what...
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