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Demodetic Rosacea Night Powder

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Product Description

Class 1 Medical Device

Do you suspect you might have these little guys crawling around on your skin? You can’t see them but you can see their effects. It may be itchy around the eyebrows or face. It may be causing Rosacea thanks to their decomposing bodies at the end of their life cycle.

There is no need to run screaming and tearing at your face. It is thought that in some age groups more than half of everyone has Demodex Mites. But for some people they can irritate the skin (more particularly the bacteria from their decomposition) and that is why we searched for a solution that wasn’t irritating and did not involve antibiotics. Most practitioners are now aware of the need to avoid long term antibiotic use due to the effect on stomach flora and other health problems.


Please Note: There are many different causes of Rosacea. Based on customer feedback it seems that our powder helps some where Rosacea is caused by Demodex Mites. It will not necessarily help with other types of rosacea and as is often the case, what works for one doesn’t always work for another. Some Rosacea can be caused by Seborrheic Dermaitis (we have our Scalp Cream for this) or other causes. We have more information on this here

The traditional treatment method of 50% tea Tree Oil, although sometimes effective, is simply too irritating for most people’s skin. We took a totally different approach. We have machined specific minerals and micas into a super fine powder. The size and shape of the particles appears to interfer with the shell casing of the mites and they find it hard to survive on your skin. It also soaks up the excess Sebum that the mites need to survive.


After wash the face at night and allow at least 10 minutes for the face to dry thoroughly. Apply the powder over the affected areas using a gentle swirling action with a soft and clean makeup brush. As this powder relies on the abrasive action of dry particles, it will not work if it is wet. For this reason do not apply a moisturiser over the top. The powder is quite loose so expect some to spill off the skin. In the morning, the powder can be washed off using water or any cleanser. There may be some drying of the skin as the powder performs by soaking up excess sebum. If this occurs, a moisturiser can be applied after washing the face in the mornings. If symptoms persist discontinue use and seek medical advice. All natural products should be patch tested before use.


A proprietary mix of all natural mineral complexes.