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    What makes us Moo

    Family-owned. Australian-made.

    We are a family owned, Australian company with an entire range of natural and gentle products that are made with effective ingredients and no gimmicks.

    Natural Ingredients

    All MooGoo's products are designed to keep the skin or scalp moist, supple and using high quality, natural ingredients.

    Proud Green Company

    We might not have words like "Earth", "Nature" or "Enviro" in our name, but we are one of the most environmentally friendly skin care companies around.

    Our Latest News

    • Alter your Armpits

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    • Debunking Shampoo

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    • Understanding Preservatives

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    • What can make sensitive skin worse?

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    • The Trade Off for Natural Products


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    • Even when you're sleeping

      Night Cream Heading A morning skincare routine is often the only thing stopping us from looking like the dead, many of us don’t know that we can de-zombify our skin at night-time too. Our new Night Cream is a rich, restorative moisturser which rejuvenates your skin even when you're sleeping. Like many things in life, it works best in a team (that's not a personal attack on introverts!) 

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    • Blooming Beautiful Skin

      MooGoo Blooming Beautiful Skin Does your skin look like you don’t have time to care for it? Is it feeling sad and unloved? We feel you! Let us help by pumping seed oils and antioxidants into your skin for you! (figure of speech, you won’t all fit in our tiny office) We've got the basic run down on our natural, super nourishing skin savers. Instead of looking dull and dry, or peppered in pigmentation, you’ll be looking blooming beautiful in no time!

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    • Exfoliation Q & A

      MooGoo Exfoliation Exfoliation is vital; it removes dead skin cells, polishes the skin, refines pores and even smooths wrinkles. It also creates a blank canvas that is ready for moisturising or your makeup regime. Knowing how to exfoliate effectively and which method to use can be confusing! Our MooGoo Herd has put together a list of our exfoliating FAQ’s for you to moo over.

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    • The Herby Smelling Oil (it's not what you think it is)

      The Herby Smelling Oil We're often told that certain products are absolute 'must-haves' in every household. Have you every thought that your MooGoo serum could be one of them? Tammi, a 30-year old stay at home mum from Newcastle, recently got in touch to tell us that our Tamanu Oil is an absolute necessity for every Australian's bathroom cabinet, after if helped her elderly father overcome a wound he had struggled with for five years.

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    • What is Rosacea?

      What is Rosacea Rosacea is a skin condition that causes facial flushing, redness and sensitivity across the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. It can also cause redness and irritation on the scalp, eyes, ear and neck. People with fair skin and that blush easily are most likely to experience Rosacea. 

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    • Makeup For Sensitive Skin

      MooGoo Makeup For Sensitive Skin We know how tough it can be living with sensitive, irritated skin - that's why our first MooGoo moisturiser was made in the first place. Courtney recently shared her sensitive skin story with us, and it was a reminder that your skin can affect so many aspects of your life. Including the 'simple' pleasure of popping on some makeup that many of us take for granted.

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    • Tips for a Natural Sun Free Tan

      MooGoo Natural Tanning Tips Do you love soft tanned skin without feeling dry and patchy, even in winter? Our Moogoo Brown Cows do. We call it a ‘natural tan’ because we use natural ingredients to give you a beautiful glow without damaging sun exposure. Read on for of our tips on achieving the perfect natural tan . . . 

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    • Skin Problems and Solutions

      MooGoo Skin Problems and Solutions As you can imagine, we get asked a lot of skin related questions at MooGoo HQ. We've spent a lot of time understanding skin woes and more importantly, how best to solve them. We hope you find them useful!

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    • Is MooGoo Organic?

      Is MooGoo Organic? To Be Organic or Not To Be? That is often the question! Some of the most common questions we get asked are...

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    • What's In Your Bag?

      Whats In Your Bag Some of the Customer Service Herd at MooGoo HQ have developed some serious MooGoo addictions. A peek inside their handbags shows us their particular MooGoo of choice! Luckily, their addictions are natural, non-irritating and leaves them with gorgeous healthy skin!

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    • MooGoo and Dental Care - What We've Learned!

      MooGoo & Dental Care MooGoo Toothpaste ("Moothpaste" as it's affectionately known) took quite a few years to develop. We've had more than a decade of experience taking care of people's skin, and we like to consider ourselves very knowledgeable when it comes to personal care products. But dental care was a whole new frontier for us!  So we took our time.  Did our research.  Made sure that we created a product that was both effective and in line with our ingredient philosophy. As you can imagine, we learned lots along the way, and we thought we'd share these insights with you as well.

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    • Healthy Hair & Healthy Scalp - Naturally

      MooGoo Hair and Scalp Care Tips Because hair is made up of keratin and dead cells, it's unlikely that it will ever be truly healthy. But, there is an important link between the ingredients in your hair products and the overall health of your hair and scalp. We created our Hair Care Range for a family member who suffered from an unbelievably itchy scalp. and learned lots about hair and scalp health in the process. Here are our top tips to keep them both in tip top condition.

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    • Curls are Cool again! The 'Curly Girl' Method

      Care For Your Curls with MooGoo It seems like the marketing of hair straighteners made curls seem uncool for a little while, but guess what? They're back! Our Curly Haired Herd share pics of their gorgeous curly crowns with us all the time, and there are whole forums devoted to celebrating and sharing knowledge about how to care for curly hair.

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    • 3-Step Skin Soothing Routine for Eczema

      MooGoo Skin Soothing Skin problems are never fun, but we try to keep it as simple as possible! When it comes to skin problems, it's so important to ensure what you are putting on your skin is going to nourish, protect and soothe it. Many of our products were designed to work together, and therefore be used together to get the best results.

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    • Why Cleanse with Oil?

      MooGoo - Why Cleanse with Oil? Do you want clean skin? We’re almost certain that your answer is yes, given that clean skin is the foundation for a healthy, great-looking complexion. 

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    • 4 Things We've Learned about MooGoo Parents

      4 things we've learned about MooGoo Parents We’ve noticed a bit of a trend. It’s to do with MooGoo mums and dads, and what seems to interest them. This is based on an extremely scientific review of comments on a Facebook Post. 

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    • Can I use MooGoo on My Baby?

      Can I Use MooGoo on my Baby? Is MooGoo OK for babies? Yes!   At MooGoo we only use ingredients that we're totally comfortable putting on ourselves, our loved ones, and our customers! 

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    • Q & A With Melissa Le Man

      Q & A With Melissa Leman MooGoo Melissa Le Man is a Fitness Model, WBFF Pro, and all around fit, strong and healthy woman.  She recently started using MooGoo Skin Care, so we caught up with her to find out what she thought, and get a glimpse of her world.

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    • What is Keratosis Pilaris And What Can I Do About It?

      Keratosis Pilaris- MooGoo You might not have heard of Keratosis Pilaris, but chances are you know what it is. It looks like goosebumps on your arms and is sometimes called 'chicken skin'. 

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    • I'm Vegan - Can I use MooGoo?

      Is MooGoo Vegan? Q: I'm Vegan - Can I use MooGoo?   A: Yes* It's not surprising that lots of people think MooGoo is made from Milk. We're quite proud of our Moo-story, we love cows and we're not shy about using the occasional cow based pun!  We even have our own range of plush toy cows!

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    • Are Stretch Marks Preventable?

      Are Stretch Marks Preventable? It would be a stretch (pun totally intended) to say that any topical cream can prevent stretch marks (aka "Striae gravidarum").  But don't worry, it's not all bad news.

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    • Can I use MooGoo on my pets?

      Can I use MooGoo on my Petsq Our wonderful MooGoo Herd loves to share their MooGoo goodies with their children, family, friends, work colleagues, and sometimes even random strangers on the street (we're so appreciative of this guys!).  So it makes sense that they'd want to share the MooGoo love with their pets as well!   Is MooGoo OK to use on pets?  

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    • When to Use Antibacterial Cleansers

      MooGoo When to Use AntiBacterials Have you 'herd' of the hygiene hypothesis. The hygiene hypothesis says a child's environment can be "too clean," and the lack of exposure to germs does not give the immune system a chance to develop resistance to diseases. So the hygiene hypothesis suggests exposure to a wide range of micro organisms helps train the immune system so that it does not react inappropriately to various allergens. Lack of exposure, according to some, may increase the risk of asthma, eczema and hay fever.    But, some germs can make a person sick. The conflict between cleanliness and exposure can leave parents feeling confused. There are many microbes that can make children very sick, such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), E.coli and salmonella. What should we be exposed to and what should we be protected from?

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    • MooGoo Serums & Oils - Which Suits Me Best?

      MooGoo Serums & Oils: A Guide Everybody's skin is different, and when it comes to a skin care routine there can be thousands of variations.  The principles of healthy skin are simple, so we're lucky to have a good solid range of healthy skin products that our customers can use to create their own beauty routine.  A popular, but sometimes confusing part of this is our range of serums and oils.  To help guide you in adding them to your own beauty routine, below is an overview. We'll explain the ingredients, and what studies have shown they assist with.  Most importantly, we've also included feedback from our MooGoo Herd so you can learn from our real-life experts!  

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    • Q & A With Lauren Patterson

      MooGoo Q&A With Lauren Patterson Lauren Patterson is a mother, blogger, fitness competitor and PT Student.   She shares the highs and lows of her life openly and honestly, via her blog and Instagram.  She's as refreshingly real as our MooGoo Herd (and our skin care ingredients!).  We caught up with Lauren recently.

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    • Which MooGoo Moisturiser is Right For Me?

      MooGoo Moisturiser Which is Right For Me?  Which MooGoo Moisturiser is right for me? It's a question we're often asked.  When MooGoo first began (back in 2004) it was an easy answer - Skin Milk Udder Cream!   It's still a very effective moisturiser and one of our most popular products - but these days, the range has expanded to cater for people's preferences and skin types.  Here's an easy guide to help you pick the MooGoo Moisturiser that's right for you!

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    • New to MooGoo - Where Do I Start?

      Where Do I Begin with MooGoo Welcome to the Herd!  We're MOO-lighted to see you! Here at MooGoo, we seem to be known best for two things {apart from our fabulous cow puns of course!}.  1. - We've created products that help people who have sensitive, troubled skin, and 2. - we have a reputation for offering an effective alternative for people who want skin care that does what it says and uses the sort of ingredients they would choose if they had the time to make it at home. We often get questions from people in this latter category wondering where to begin!  If that's you, you've come to the right place!

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    • MooGoo and World Breastfeeding Week

      MooGoo World Breastfeeding Week At MooGoo we celebrate all mums {we wouldn't be here without them}! We understand how many things mums (especially new mums!) have on their minds.  We created our Mum and Baby range with this in mind - using only natural healthy ingredients that we were comfortable using on ourselves and our little ones.  We figure at least that's one less thing to worry about!

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    • Q & A With Brogan Kate

      Q And A With Brogan Kate Brogan Kate is a beautiful, talented, young Australian woman whose sense of style and creativity together with her social media savvy and passion have shaped her into the successful business owner of Brogan Kate Intimates that she is today.  The team at MooGoo Skincare and Dusty Girls love her effortlessly chic style, and always enjoy working with her. We caught up with Brogan recently for a quick Q & A.

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    • What MooGoo products should I use to help with Acne?

      MooGoo and Acne Care If you’re reading this, chances are you, or someone you love has Acne, and has probably also tried lots of different products.  You’d also know that there are lots of factors that cause acne and treatments can have varying results.  It’s the way skin is – it’s never quite the same as anyone else’s!

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    • Q & A With Codie Klein

      Codie Klein and MooGoo Recently, we caught up with Codie Klein who lives locally and loves MooGoo! Codie describes herself as a "surfboard swerving, healthy little nerd girl"  Between studying fulltime at Bond University, and travelling around on the world surfing circuit, we'd add "busy" to that description!

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    • Make Your Own MooGoo Style Moisturiser

      Make Your Own MooGoo Moisturiser Making MooGoo isn't as complicated as you might think!  In fact, with a few ingredients from your kitchen and a couple of purchases, you could probably make your own - given the time and inclination of course.  Our resident MooGoo experts, Sammy & Gabby show us how!

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