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The Best,  Natural, Sun-Free Tan, Period.

We love the sun but achieving a golden glow naturally can come with some pretty harsh consequences. But don’t worry because you can still achieve that golden glow naturally without the sun (see what we did there?)

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11 Best Tanning Tips Your Skin Needs

Warning: this bottle contains alarming levels of confidence, hair flicks and sudden compulsions to yell “feel my legs”. We searched high and low to bring you 11 of the best self-tanning tips you need to know.

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Make The Switch for Pit Sake!

Toxins are the Pits! That much we know, but that doesn’t mean that’s where they belong. We encourage everyone to do whatever makes them happy, but this is our gentle nudge, our deodor-rant if you will, on why we think you should want to make the natural switch.

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5 best Tips for Switching To Natural deodorant

The transition to natural deodorant stinks – literally. But trust us, it’s well worth the effort. If you’re reading this, chances are you already knew that, or at least you’re considering making the MOOve – sorry, we just can’t help it sometimes.

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Milk Shampoo FAQs

Ever wondered why we only have one shampoo? Or why we don't use SLS? Here's everything you've wanted to know about our Milk Shampoo. It's one of our best selling products for a reason, read why! 

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Baby Range FAQs

As parents ourselves we understand how important it is to be informed and up to date with what ingredients you're putting on your child. So for peace of mind we've created a little list of all the answers to your frequently asked questions!


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