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Night Cream Heading

A morning skincare routine is often the only thing stopping us from looking like the dead, many of us don’t know that we can de-zombify our skin at night-time too. Our new Night Cream is a rich, restorative moisturser which rejuvenates your skin even when you're sleeping. Like many things in life, it works best in a team (that's not a personal attack on introverts!) 

Is MooGoo Organic?

To Be Organic or Not To Be? That is often the question!

Some of the most common questions we get asked are...

Is MooGoo Organic?

by MooGoo Skin Care

Whats In Your Bag

Some of the Customer Service Herd at MooGoo HQ have developed some serious MooGoo addictions. A peek inside their handbags shows us their particular MooGoo of choice! Luckily, their addictions are natural, non-irritating and leaves them with gorgeous healthy skin!

What's In Your Bag?

by MooGoo Skin Care

MooGoo & Dental Care

MooGoo Toothpaste ("Moothpaste" as it's affectionately known) took quite a few years to develop. We've had more than a decade of experience taking care of people's skin, and we like to consider ourselves very knowledgeable when it comes to personal care products. But dental care was a whole new frontier for us!  So we took our time.  Did our research.  Made sure that we created a product that was both effective and in line with our ingredient philosophy.

As you can imagine, we learned lots along the way, and we thought we'd share these insights with you as well.

MooGoo Hair and Scalp Care Tips

Because hair is made up of keratin and dead cells, it's unlikely that it will ever be truly healthy. But, there is an important link between the ingredients in your hair products and the overall health of your hair and scalp. We created our Hair Care Range for a family member who suffered from an unbelievably itchy scalp. and learned lots about hair and scalp health in the process. Here are our top tips to keep them both in tip top condition.

Care For Your Curls with MooGoo

It seems like the marketing of hair straighteners made curls seem uncool for a little while, but guess what? They're back! Our Curly Haired Herd share pics of their gorgeous curly crowns with us all the time, and there are whole forums devoted to celebrating and sharing knowledge about how to care for curly hair.

4 things we've learned about MooGoo Parents

We’ve noticed a bit of a trend. It’s to do with MooGoo mums and dads, and what seems to interest them. This is based on an extremely scientific review of comments on a Facebook Post. 

Can I use MooGoo on my Petsq

Our wonderful MooGoo Herd loves to share their MooGoo goodies with their children, family, friends, work colleagues, and sometimes even random strangers on the street (we're so appreciative of this guys!).  So it makes sense that they'd want to share the MooGoo love with their pets as well!   Is MooGoo OK to use on pets?


Can I use MooGoo on my pets?

by MooGoo Skin Care

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