MooGoo Hair and Scalp Care Tips

Because hair is made up of keratin and dead cells, it's unlikely that it will ever be truly healthy. But, there is an important link between the ingredients in your hair products and the overall health of your hair and scalp. We created our Hair Care Range for a family member who suffered from an unbelievably itchy scalp. and learned lots about hair and scalp health in the process. Here are our top tips to keep them both in tip top condition.

Find gentle, non-irritating Cleansers

Harsh cleansers and chemical additives in your shampoo, such as Sulphates and PEG's can disrupt the pH of your scalp. Even a component of Essential Oils - Phthalates - can have an irritating effect. When the scalp is stripped of its natural oils and barrier function, the scalp can go into overdrive, with excess oil production, thus beginning a vicious cycle. The scalp may also become sensitive, itchy and dry, and you'll notice your hair colour won't last long at all.

Avoid Silicones

A massive catalyst for product build up is silicone coating the hair and scalp. As well as a sensitive, itchy, flaky scalp, follicles can become blocked, creating pesky little bumps or pimples on the scalp. Silicones are in many popular products. They're popular because they coat the hair nicely, giving it a lovely shiny, smooth appearance. For a while. Because of its tendency to stick around, it eventually leaves the hair quite dull.

If you think you may be suffering from product build up, we suggest trying a homemade rinse comprising half apple cider vinegar and half water. (Please patch test before use). Apple Cider Vinegar is known to help balance the pH of skin too!

Consider the microflora of your scalp

Sounds technical, but it's not really! If you suffer from dandruff, you're probably already aware that this is caused by a yeast build up on the scalp. We've used Piroctone Olamine in our Hair Care Range - a gentle anti-yeast ingredient that helps keep the scalp healthy and balanced. We've also created a specialised cream for the scalp, for those that need some extra love.

"Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair!"


You may have noticed that we've focused a lot on scalp care - that's because we believe it's a super important, often neglected part of hair health! That said, just because your hair is technically dead, it doesn't mean there aren't things you can do to help improve the appearance and condition of it.

We know some customers are concerned that 'going natural' may leave them with straw-like strands that are drier than the Sahara. That isn't the case. If you find a natural hair care range that suits you, you'll find the often gentle plant and fruit derived cleansers will cleanse hair without disrupting the pH of the scalp or stripping colour. Natural proteins can be added to build the hair shaft (we use Casein - Milk Protein - Moo-yeah!) and moisturising seed oils to gently nourish the scalp and smooth fly-aways.

At MooGoo, you'll always find a full list of ingredients on our products and our website. If you'd like to know why we've chosen a particular ingredient, please let us know!