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2021 – Your pet’s best (and healthiest) year yet.

Beginning 2021 feels like a much more significant achievement than previous years, right? Goodbye 2020, hello to a (hopefully) PAW-SOME 2021! Corona-who? (Fingers crossed.) January is the month of overcrowded gyms, green smoothies and a new you (but we think you’re just lovely exactly how you are ❤). While you’re working on becoming the best version of yourself, have you stopped to think about your furry friend sitting beside you?

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5 Tips to Take Care of Your Pets Paws

It’s easy to think that pet’s paws can withstand anything. They are designed to provide extra cushioning and protect their joints and bones, provide some insulation against extreme weather and aid walking on rough ground, but your pets paws aren’t as invincible as you might think. Just like ours, they need to be taken care of and pampered.

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Winter Care for Your Pet

Winter, as we know it brings about dry and often flaky skin. Keep in mind that our pets could also be suffering from these conditions, it's just we don't see them as readily due to their furry covering. Below are some of my tips to best look after your pet's skin and coat this winter.

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